Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

 Our New Year's resolutions for the New American Homestead:

 1. I will not again plant more stuff than I can take care of.
 2. I will take care of all the stuff I plant.
 3. I will stick to my garden plan.
 4. I will make a garden plan.
 5. I will not order more seeds in January than I can sow in June.
 6. I will win the annual battle with squash borers.
 7. I will not buy any more flower plants on impulse.
 8. I will faithfully keep my garden journal.
 9. I will freeze, can, dry, pickle or otherwise preserve everything I can.
10. I will grow a little more than I need and donate the extra to hungry people.

If we keep only Number 10, we'll count the list worth making.

Have a happy new gardening year!

Chinese praying mantis

The praying mantis is a great gardening companion! Lurking among foliage, mantids lie in wait for insect prey. With luck (depending upon your point of view) grasshoppers or other garden pests will be on the menu. Learn to recognize the insects, beneficial and otherwise, that inhabit your garden.

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Erik D said...

Regarding number 5, I find the average seed life as discussed in books and on some seed packets to often be overly pessimistic. I've had near 100% germination on seeds that were supposedly too old by multiple years. So don't kick yourself too much on rule 5. Just try to remember your leftover seeds next year.