Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pay Dirt Blog Moves to This Site

One of the nice things about blogging is the ability to cover as many topics as you like. Besides growing food and improving the local environment, gardening can also be a way to earn extra money.

In January, 2010, my latest book, Pay Dirt was released. In it, I offer sound advice for starting your own "microfarm" in the backyard. You can apply many of my suggestions to any home-based business. I've included loads of tips for gardeners, whether you are gardening for profit or just for fun. Click on the link at left to purchase a copy from

Last year, I started a blog at That project included a learning curve for me, and I did not add many posts. If you have found me as a result of visiting that blog, thanks for your continued support. This blog will be updated much more frequently, and will include a broader spectrum of information, from gardening and food to ecology and permaculture.

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